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4 Korean Americans officially work for President Obama

Christopher (Kang Jin-young) - special assistant to the president for egislative affairs

Eugene Kang - special assistant to the president.
Betsy Kim - works for the State Department
Anna Kim - will be White House liaison officer to the Defense Department

  • Eugene Kang (24) - Considered a close confidant to Obama. Working as a political assistant in charge of Obama’s campaign schedule.
  • Betsy Kim - Deputy director of Obama’s Asian-American and Pacific Islander voter outreach effort in Chicago. She joined the Obama camp early and became a key member of his inner circle. A second-generation Korean American in her early 30s, Kim directs Obama’s strategy to woo Asian Americans.
  • Kim Dong-suk - Led the grassroots movement for passage of Comfort Women Resolution through Congress, has worked as voting director for the Obama camp.
  • Jun Choi, mayor of Edison, New Jersey, and Sam Yoon, city councilor of Boston, are also influential Korean-American politicians who have long worked to support Obama.
  • Christopher Kang - Recently named special assistant to the Obama administration

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    Kyung-Wha Chung - violinist
    Myung-Whun Chung - pianist and conductor
    Chung Myung-wha - cellist
    Jo Su-mi - classical soprano
    Sam Yoon
    4 Korean Americans officially work for President Obama
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