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(LA)With the Brilliant coloring of the Korean Minhwa

With the Brilliant coloring of the Korean Minhwa

Date : Friday, June 12, 2015 - Thursday, June 25, 2015 
Time : All day event 

Title : With the Brilliant coloring of the Korean Minhwa
Date: June 12(Fri.), 2015 - June 25(Thurs.), 2015
Lecture : " Minhwa, Why is the real Korean Traditional Painting"
Friday, June 12th 6:00p.m. 
Korean Cultural Center Ari Hall (3rd Floor)
Opening & The celebration of the publication of a book. 
Friday, June 12th 7:00p.m.
Korean Cultural Center Art Gallery (2nd Floor)

The member of The Hongik Minhwa Design Institute & pine Minhwa Institute present wonderful Korean traditional painting. Through this exhibition you will find the beauty of Korean traditional colors.

Also, we will have a lecture about "what is the real beauty of Korean traditional color' by Byungmo Chung who is a professor of Gyeongju University in Korea.

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