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Atlanta Korean Film Festival

애틀랜타 대한민국 영화제 내년으로 연기

후원확보 실패가 주원인…3년만에 부활 계획 좌절
영화제측 “준비 철저히 해 내년엔 더 좋은 행사 만들터”

3년만에 부활을 예고했던 애틀랜타 대한민국 영화제(AKFF)가 다시 1년 뒤로 연기됐다.

애틀랜타 대한민국 영화제 조직위원회는 오는 10월 26~30일 개최할 예정이었던 올해 영화제와 한국 영화음악 콘서트를 내년으로 연기하기로 최종 결정했다고 20일(목) 밝혔다.

영화제가 올해 개최되지 못하는 것은 후원금이 턱없이 부족했기 때문이라고 영화제측은 설명했다.

홍성구 사무총장은 보도자료를 통해 “극장 대관료와 상영료, 한국에서의 영화관계자 초청비용 등이 소요되는 영화제는 후원이 없이는 성사되기 어려운 천생적 특성을 가지고 있다”며 “올해는 9월부터 11월까지 유난히 많은 행사들이 한인사회에서 열려 후원을 확보하는데 어려움을 겪었다”고 밝혔다.

영화제측은 “이번 결정으로 오랜 시간 행사를 준비해온 많은 분들이 허탈감과 당황스러움을 경험하게 된 점에 깊이 사과드린다”고 밝히고, 그동안 판매된 입장권은 구입처에서 전액 환불조치하겠다고 밝혔다.

홍 사무총장은 “조지아 주정부의 관심을 처음으로 받게 됐다는 기쁨과 해외 최초로 한국 영화음악 콘서트를 개최한다는 부푼 꿈, 아직 개봉되지 않은 새로운 작품들과 감독님들을 만날 기대감.. 이런 것들이 모두 사라지는 것은 아닌지 무척 염려스러웠다”며 영화제 연기 결정에 대한 심정을 토로했다.

그는 “비록 영화제를 올해 개최하지는 못하지만, 내년으로 일정을 미룬 것일 뿐”이라며 “더 많은 후원처를 확보하고 준비를 철저히해 내년에는 보다 좋은 행사를 만들어내겠다”고 말했다.

한편, AKFF는 ‘한국의 음악영화 - 어제와 오늘’을 주제로 7편의 장편영화와 단편영화 공모전 입상작 3편을 상영하고, 마지막 날에는 대종상 음악상을 3회나 수상한 김준성 음악감독을 초청해 서브라임 챔버 오케스트라와 함께 ‘한국 영화음악 OST 콘서트’를 개최할 계획이었다.

                                   SK Hong, executive director

AKFF (Atlanta Korean Film Festival Inc.)

365 Creek Manor Way, Suwanee, GA 30024

404-246-3771  |  |






The Atlanta Korean Film Festival, Inc. (AKFF) is a 501(c3) non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the finest achievements of contemporary Korean cinema. AKFF had started its first film festival in 2012 with the support of the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism (MCST) and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) of the Republic of Korea.


The week-long festival is a showcase of Korean and Korean-related films. As the largest showcase of Korean cinematography in Southern USA, AKFF features a collection of more than a dozen contemporary films and panel discussions with directors and other leaders in the world of Korean and Korean-American cinema.


Most of all AKFF is the only annual Korean film festival in Southeastern Region, and it promotes State of Georgia and its outstanding environment for film making to the Korean film makers in both Republic of Korea and Korean-American communities.


The audience will have an opportunity to experience a myriad of some of the most creative, innovative, and emotionally-driven movies of the 21st century. The genre of movies will include a comprehensive range from action to anime, comedy to horror, and romance to historical.




   2012OCTOBER 5 - 12

18 Feature Films, 4 Locations

2 Director’s Awards

3 College Seminars

Opening Film: Masquerade

Important Guests:

- Je-Kyu Kang, directorJoong-Hoon Park, actor

Ji-Seung Han, director- Christine Yoo, director


   2013SEPTEMBER 20 - 28

15 Feature Films, 6 Locations

2 Director’s Awards

3 College Seminars

Opening Film: The Face Reader

Important Guests:

Jee-Woon Kim, directorSeung-Ryong Ryu, actor

Ji-Won Ye, actoressYeo-Jeong Jo, actoress

- Dong-Jun Lee, music director




DATESOctober 25th - 30th, 2016

ThemeKorean Music Film - Now and Then

Contents7 Feature Films, 3 Short Films, 5 Locations

1 Director’s Awards

3 College Workshop or Seminars

1 Film Music Concert (w/Orchestra)

Opening Film: Try To Remember

Important Guests:

Dae-Hyun Kim, director,

- Jun-Seong Kim, music director 

Ji Won Jung, music director


Co-Hosted byAKFF Organizing Committee,

Georgia State University Office of International Initiatives


Supported byGeorgia Department of Economic Development, ITTI Global Foundation, Chu Family 

Foundation, Korean American Association of Greater Atlanta, The National Unification Advisory Council Atlanta Chapter, Korean Churches Council of Great Atlanta, The Korean SE US Chamber of Commerce, The America Korea Friendship Society, Korean American Bar Association of Georgia, Advancing Justice Atlanta, The Korean Food Globalization Committee of SE USA, Emory University, Atlanta Georgia Korean Chamber of Commerce, Georgia Beauty Supply Association, Georgia Korean American Grocers Association, etc.


Sponsored byDelta Airline, Kia Motors, Georgia Dental Implant Center, Cleannet USA, Global Building 

Management, Golden Stella, Sewon America, Metro City Bank, First Intercontinental Bank, Noa Bank, Hair Trend, Global Inc, Shake N Go, Crown Pacific, Jinny, Sun Taiyang, etc.


Media Sponsors: NewsAndPost Inc., Atlanta Radio Korea AM1040




AKFF hosts “Short Film Competition” as recognizing and supporting the next generation of Korean 

American film makers who will lead the Korean/American film industry. Award naming opportunities are available.




Korean film music composer Jun-Seong Kim joins to “Korean Film OST Concert” with Sublime Chamber 

Orchestra, conducted by Sung-Ku Hong. The concert will present almost 25 famous Korean OST, and most of them are premiere in Atlanta, Georgia!





Try to Remember 다방의 푸른 

Documentary | 2015 | 78min

Director: Dae-Hyun Kim

Starring: Kim Sisters


Oct. 26, Wed. 7:00 PM @ Midtown Art Cinema $10/ticket

Oct. 28, Wed. 6:00 PM @ Kennesaw State University

‘Social Science Building #1019’ FREE


Lee Nan-young, who is famous for ‘Tears in Mokpo,’ made her debut at OK Records in the 1930s, and married Kim Hae-song, an acclaimed, genius composer at that time. In the year of liberation in 1945, 'KPK Musical Troupe' won popularity with the duo of Lee Nan-young and Kim Hae-song, but Kim got kidnapped by North Korea. During the Korean War, Lee made Korea’s first girl vocal group ‘Kim Sisters’ with her daughters Suk-jaAe-ja and her niece Min-ja who inherited their parents’ musical talent. Thanks to Lee’s desperate effort and intense training, ‘Kim Sisters’ gained popularity at the American 8th Army base. They got all the way to Las Vegas, USA for the first time as Asians, showing strong appeal to American public. Min-ja of ‘Kim Sisters’ is still working as a singer in Budapest, Hungary. The audience can meet the three shy girls who fluently sang songs in English without even knowing the language, through the memories of Min-ja in the film.



The Sound of a Flower 도리화가

Drama,Biography | 2015 | 109min

Director: Jong-Pil Lee

Starring: Seung-Ryong Ryu, Suzy Bae


Oct. 27, Thu. 7:00 PM

@ Midtown Art Cinema $10/ticket


During the Joseon Dynasty, lowborn Chae-sun challenges the rule that states only men allowed to sing while navigating devotion to her teacher and the demands of the king's father.




A Piano on the Sea 바다 위의 피아노

Drama,Biography | 2015 | 109min

Director: Jong-Pil Lee

Starring: Seung-RyongRyu, Suzy Bae


Oct. 28, Fri. 4:00 PM

@ Emory University ‘Harland Cinema’ FREE


Jung-Woo learns piano from one-armed pianist who certainly came to his house. And he found out the piano teacher is ex-lover of her mother. His mom has brain tumor and passed away with his teacher. Jung-Woo tried to suicide after the shock, but he failed and discovered by father of Eun-SooIn Eun-Soo’s sister Eun-Jeeselective mutism since her jealousy on Eun-Soo. However she starts to open her mind listening Jung-Woo’s piano performance...




Kim's Dilcusha-Life Goes On 딜쿠샤

Documentary, Fantasy | 2016 | 97min

Director: Tae-Yeong Kim

Starring: Tae-Yeong Kim, Hey-Kyung Jin


Oct. 28, Thu. 6:00 PM

@ Georgia State University ‘Cinefest Theater’ FREE


Director Kim, who had a stroke after making numerous movies, lives in hell for 11 years. He goes to Dilcusha to write a new scenario and sees a miracle after meeting people agreed on participating in his new film. This film will give a new hope and endless power to overcome all difficulties on everyones life.





Milk Shake 밀크쉐이크

Drama | 2016 | 30min

Director: Sang-Jin Ko

Starring: Vin Kridakorn, Madeline Lupi


Oct. 29, Sat 12:30 PM @ Infinite Energy Theater

$12/ticket (include Black Gospel2)

Prior to screening of Black Gospel 2


After their parents died, an adopted teenage boy struggles to live with his adoptive little sister against harsh reality.



Black Gospel 2 블랙가스펠 2

Documentary | 2016 | 71min

Director: Sung-Kwon Kim

Starring: Dong-Kun Yang, Ouida Harding


Director: Sung-Kwon Kim

Starring: Dong-Kun Yang, Ouida Harding


Oct. 29, Sat 12:30 PM @ Infinite Energy Theater


The actor, Dong-geun Yang has a busy schedule, but he still misses the teachers who taught him about true black soul in Harlem and to slake his thirst for music, he visits New York again. In the film < Black Gospel > (2013) he learned from the teachers and performed with them, but he wants to know more about the 7 teachers’ lives as they have dedicated their whole lives to gospel. He questions where true soul comes from, what makes them dedicate their lives to it, and what music with soul is. Now he is looking for the answers by following each of their lives



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Korean National Anthem at 2000 ASF XXIII Opening Ceremony

Korean Anthem - Korea Fantasy
by Eak-Tai Ahn 2

Min Pak & Peace and Harmony Orchestra (2015) Open Music Concert.

"Blue Heart and White Heart" and "Half Moon" by Atlanta Children’s Choir

Koreanfest Fine Music Festival

Koreanfest Dance Festival