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(UK) Korean Film Nights -- The Pirates---

TitleThe Pirates
Posted byAdmin
DirectorLee Seok Hoon
Running Time130
Screening DateFebruary 25, 2016, 7pm
Number of Seats80
SynopsisJust 15 days after the founding of the Kingdom of Joseon, an ambassadorial ship is carrying the Great Seal of Joseon given by the emperor of Ming Dynasty. The Great Seal is the stamp that symbolises the authority of the King of Joseon, used to seal documents that determine the legitimacy of the state. Unfortunately the ship is attacked by a ghost-whale in the Yellow Sea and the Great Seal is swallowed by the whale. This crisis puts the new nation’s authority under strain. Hearing of the crisis, the national army, bandits and pirates join forces to create a 'ghost-whale hunting project' so that they may retrieve the Great Seal before any others do. 

58 / 80

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