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(Atlanta a) Lyric coloratura soprano YOUNGOK SHIN CONCERT

Korean First Presbyterian Church (KFPC) holds 40th-anniversary celebrations in the slogan of 40 years of grace, a new wave of grace, in gratitude of past 40-year of ministry and hope for soaring into future.  Korean First Presbyterian Church (KFPC) in Tucker, Georgia is a Christian congregation serving the local community and seeking, engaging, and encouraging others through a life-changing Christian journey.
Korean First Presbyterian Church (Senior Pastor: Suh, Sam Jung) has sought to be a loving, friendly community that worships God, and serves others. We place a high priority on teaching from the Bible and following the example of Jesus.  Our vision is to impact and renew Tucker and beyond with the transforming message of Jesus Christ through words and actions.
For the 40th anniversary of the church, KFPC prepared a series of celebrations to express a deep gratitude to long-standing congregants, fellow workers in Christ, and local churches.  
First, one of the celebrations we prepared is a special concert of Opera singer, Shin Youngok (Soprano) on November 6th.  The brilliant Korean soprano, Youngok Shin, was a winner of the Met's 1990 National Council Auditions.  Youngok Shin is not only Korea's proud prima donna but is a soprano who represents the world. Although she currently plays an active part on the world stage, her hometown's fall, and childhood memories are deeply engraved in her heart.  She is well-known to Korean immigrants not only for her outstanding history as a classic artist but also for her faith journey as a devout Christian.  That’s why KFPC invited her to celebrate its 40th anniversary and giving God all the glory.
Second, there will be a Golf Tournament as a fundraiser to build orphanages in Haiti on October 29th, 12:30 PM at Stone Mountain Gold Club.  There are over 400,000 children without parents in Haiti. Despite these staggering numbers, KFPC believes God has been using KFPC as a channel of hope and future in Christ.  Our fundraiser is our confession of faith in Christ and expression of our deep gratitude and praise to God.  Anyone who responds to God’s compassion for Haitian can participate.  KFPC will donate all proceeds – the entire amount collected in ticket sales and from the fundraiser to charity.  Ticket price for the participants is $100 for each.  30 teams will compete.    
Third, poetry and painting gallery walk is another celebration KFPC will have.  Senior pastor’s poems that show his deep spirituality and faith life will be displayed.  There will be a gallery walk for the paintings of congregants and local artists. 
Fourth, the 40th year KFPC history book will be published.
Senior Pastor Sam Jung Suh was the founding pastor of KFPC and has been in his ministry with KFPC for 40 years.  As for the case of a 40-year history, church continuing its ministry with the founding pastor cannot be found except in the case of KFPC, in Korean immigrant church history.
Rev. Suh expressed his gratitude saying, “KFPC was the first Korean immigrant church in Atlanta.  That’s why we have had a special sense of responsibility of serving the local community.  The secret how KFPC has been flourishing in ministry and reached its 40th anniversary is first God has been blessing KFPC.  Second, congregants’ genuine love and commitment to the church, and other local churches’ support and prayers should be remembered and thanked for.  In this 40th anniversary, we will give back what we have been receiving from God’s people, churches, and local community.”
KFPC has been at the front lines of supporting missionaries and mission organizations.  KFPC supports 60 missionaries and 10 mission organizations.  KFPC has been planting churches around the globe in 25 mission sites and regions.  KFPC also planted a bread factory in China to support North Koreans with the bread.     KFPC has hosted from the first to the eighth Korean World Mission Conference (KWMC).

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Let's go to PC !
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