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부산국제영화제 Busan International Film Festival (BIFF)

BIFF 2013 Overview

The 18th Busan International Film Festival

will be held from
October 3th to 12th

  • Oct. 3 (Thu) – 12 (Sat), 2013
Screening Venue
  • 35 SCREENS at 7 THEATERS (excluding Asian Film Market and Unofficial Screening venues)
    • Centum City: Busan Cinema Center, CGV Centum City, LOTTE CINEMA Centum City, Community Media Center, Dongseo University Sohyang Musical Theater
    • Haeundae: MEGABOX Haeundae
    • Nampo-dong: MEGABOX Busan Theater
  • Total of 299 films from 70 countries
  • 133 World & International Premieres
    • 94 World Premieres (68 Feature Films, 26 Short Films)
    • 39 International Premieres (37 Feature Films, 2 Short Films)
    • All New Currents screenings are World or International premieres
  • 30 Asian Project Market (APM) projects
  • Asian Cinema Fund (ACF) projects
    • 13 Feature Film projects (8 script Development Fund, 5 Post-production Fund)
    • 14 AND Fund projects
  • Fly High, Run Far: The Making of Korean Master IM Kwon-taek
  • Unknown New Wave Central Asian Cinema
  • Rogues, Rebels and Romantics: A Season of Irish Cinema
  • PARK Chul-soo Special Commemoration: Eternal Movie Youth
  • Handprinting
    Each year the Busan International Film Festival selects distinguished cineaste for its handprinting ceremony to honor their outstanding contributions to world cinema.
    • IM Kwon-taek / Director / Korea
    • Jim SHERIDAN / Director / Ireland
    • Jimmy WONG / Actor / Taiwan
  • Master Class
    Note to the world-renowned directors’ life and film philosophy
    • Amos GITAI / Director/ Israel
    • IM Kwon-taek / Director / Korea
    • LEE Chang-dong / Director / Korea
    • Rithy PANH / Director / Cambodia
    • Jim SHERIDAN / Director / Ireland
4 films for kids (ages 7 to elementary school students) will be screened, of which 2 will have a subtitle-narration service for younger audience. 1 screening will take place per day on October 4, 5, 6, and 9 at Dongseo University Sohyang Musical Theater. The 4 films will also be screened at Nampo-dong MEGABOX Busan Theater.
1+1 deal is available to seniors for films screened at Dongseo University Sohyang Musical Theater and Nampo-dong MEGABOX Busan Theater. Seniors over 60-year-old, who buy the ticket on-site, will receive a free ticket for an accompanying individual.
  • Addition of newly participating sales companies
    Relativity International (USA), Voltage Pictures (USA), Wild Bunch (France), Westend Films (UK), Eastwest Filmdistribution (Austria), Picture Tree International (Germany), Film Factory Entertainment (Spain), Fortissimo Films (Hong Kong, China), Universe Films (Hong Kong, China) and other new companies have registered to participate in the Asian Film Market for the first time.
  • Record number of submission to the Asian Project Market (APM)
    Compared to 198 projects submitted to the Asian Project Market, the submission rate has increased to 249 projects this year. 30 projects by master directors as well as up-and-coming filmmakers including Wayne Wang, Naomi Kawase, and Mohsen Makhmalbaf have been selected. From Korea, 7 projects have been selected, including projects by Kim Jee-woon and Zhang Lu.
  • Launch of CG / VFX, 3D Korea-China International Seminar (CG-K 2013)
    An exhibition booth will be launched in order to support CG / VFX companies at the Asian Film Market. The exhibition booth is hosted by the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning and operated by the Korea Creative Contents Agency. CG-K 2013, a Korea-China CG / VFX event, will also be held in BEXCO in which related public and private sector experts will be invited to speak at the seminars.
  • ACF Partners with Venice Biennale College Cinema to support Asian micro budget film project
  • AND Partners with Al Jazeera English for a workshop project
  • ACF Hosts World Documentary Exchange (WDE)
  • The Future of Asian Cinema Gathers at Busan
    Asian Film Academy is an 18-day film education program in which 24 young filmmakers from 16 Asian countries gather and make 2 short films. With master director Lee Chang-dong as this year’s dean, the fellows take part in various programs including mentoring, workshops, and master classes with experts from each field.

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