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UNESCO Treasures in Korea

The geography of Korea - a peninsula jutting out from the world's largest continent - has contributed greatly to the development of uniquely Korean characteristics. The foundation for the countr…

South Korea

South Korea

South Korea

South Korea Seoul

  General Information of Korea  


Newspaper and News Agencies The first edition of the Dongnipsinmun, [The Independent]. Launched on April 7, 1896, it was Korea's first privately-owned all-Hangeul newspaper The Korean press is now well over a century old. Korea's fi…
Koreans have traditionally placed great importance on education as a means for self-fulfillment as well as for social advancement. Modern schools were first introduced in the 1880s. After the founding of the Republic of Korea in 1948, the government began …
Social Welfare
Employment The employment structure of Korea has undergone remarkable changes since the beginning of industrialization in the early 1960s. In 1960, workers in the agricultural, forestry and fishery sectors accounted for 63 percent of the total labor force. …