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(jeonju, Kortea) Korea Food Festival

(jeonju, Kortea) Korea Food Festival

Korea Food Festival

The Korea Food Festival, held in the city of taste and style, Jeonju, once again showcases the best of Korean foods, which have captivated the taste buds of prominent gourmets. Open your taste buds to one of the world’s finest cuisines, and recover your appetite at the Korea Food Festival, as well as the International Fermented Food Expo and the Jeonju Bibimbap Festival.

Event Details

Main Events

  • Han Food Style October 18–22 (Thursday–Monday) / Jeonju World Cup Stadium
    • - Korean Cooking Classes, Korean Food Culture Exhibition, Temple Food Exhibition
  • Korean Food Plaza October 18–22 (Thursday–Monday) / Jeonju World Cup Stadium & Hanok
    • - Food Plaza: Kongnamul gukbap (Bean sprout soup with rice), Ma yakbap (Korean yam medicinal rice), Korean-style buffet
    • - Cooking Experience Programs: Gochujang (Korean chili paste), Tteokbokki (Spicy rice cake), home-made pizza
    • - Food Culture Educational Programs: Writing contest, puppet show
  • Food & Tour October 18–22 (Thursday–Monday) / Jeollabuk-do
    • - HanStyle Tour, Makgeolli Tour, Korean Food Experience Tour, Korean Culture Tour, etc.
  • Jeonju Bibimbap Festival 2012 October 18–21 (Thursday–Sunday) / Jeonju Hanok Village
    • - Exhibition: Bibimbap Promotion Hall, Bibimbap Course Meal Show, etc.
    • - Experience: Art Market, snacks, Hanok Village tour, etc.
    • - Contests: National Cooking Contest (7 categories)
    • - Other Events: Performances, Bibimbap Show, Food, Let’s Play, etc.
  • 10th IFFE October 18–22 (Thursday–Monday) / Jeonju World Cup Stadium
    • - Participation: 400 booths representing from 300 companies from 24 countries including Korea

※ The events scheduled and information on them are subject to change.


  Korean Food Information  
   The characteristics of Korean food
For centries,the Koreans have eaten the the products of the sea,the field, and the moutain because of the features of Korean peninsula and a distinguish climate makes Korean food more abundant.Korean foods are very special,exotic,and particular. The most distingushing feature of the Korean food is the spiceness. The basic seasonings-red pepper,green onion,soysauce,bean paste, garlic,ginger,sesame,mustard,vinegar,wine have been combined in various ways t…
   About Korean Food
About Korean Food Korean Food is casually represented by bulgogi and kimchi. In fact, however, Koreans are proud of their diet, quite varied and full of nutrition. It is richly endowed with fermented foods, vegetables and grains, soups, teas, liquors, confectionery and soft drinks. Kimchi and doenjang paste made of soybeans are the best-known examples of Korean fermented foods, and these have recently become highly valued for their dise…
   Korean Seasonings
Korean Seasonings In the past, every Korean household would make soy sauce, doenjang soybean paste and gochujang red pepper paste. These three are the most important seasonings in the Korean diet, so preparing them well is another important annual task along with making kimchi. Each Korean household would keep a series of large and small crocks or earthenware jars in their backyards to contain soy sauce, soybean paste, red pepper past…
   Types of Korean Food

Types of Korean Food Jeon (pan-fried dishes) Mushroom, zucchini, fish fillet, oyster, or green pepper with ground meat filling are thinly coated with flour, dipped in a beaten egg, and then pan-fried. There are also pancake-type jeon : mung bean powder, wheat flour or grated potato is used to make batter, and green onion, kimchi, or chopped pork are stirred in, then fried. Jjim and Jorim (simmered meat or fish) Jjim and jorim are similar. Meat or fish are simmered over low heat in soy sauce flavored with other seasonings until tender and tasty. Jjim also refers to a ste…