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2016 Korean Festival in Atlanta

2016 Korean Festival

Location: Atlanta Korean Culture Center at 5900 Brook Hollow Pkwy, Norcross, GA We will open the Korean Festival, the largest Korean festival in Atlanta, at 10 AM on September 17, 2016. Our chapter represents the excellence of the nation by teaching mainstream society and providing a place of celebration for our first, second, and third generations. Invite your friends!

9/16 (3 PM - 9 PM) 
* Film screening (International Market) 
* Wrestling qualifying tournament 
9/17 (10 AM - 9 PM) 
* Opening Ceremony at 11 AM – Invited South Korean artists, K - POP dance contest, Ikebana (flower arrangement) contest, Children’s pretty battered contest, table tennis tournament, # Kimchi contest
, Samulnori, Taekwondo demonstration and folk games sweepstakes, Art exhibitio,. Delicious ramen brewing competitio,. Fast eating jajangmyeon competition and Jianzi. Korean Air will have a lottery for a round-trip airplane ticket.

* Folk Wrestling Tournament  
Team - Zen trophies and personal merchandise (Trophies and Prize Money - $300, $200, $100)
Mid advanced Level – Solo trophies and merchandise (Trophies and Prize Money - $400, $300, $200)
General – Zen trophies and personal merchandise (Group Trophy and Prize Money - $500, $300, $200)
9/18 (4 PM - 8 PM) Finale Performance: 
* Atlanta Philharmonic Orchestra (Director: Min Pak)

Tickets: $20, $30, $50, 678-978-2220

donation: (501 (c)(3))  ,  or goto PayPal

* Korean Food and free tastings (President, Son Dong Chul)

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Sejong Soloists Annual Gala (NY)
(New York) Kun Woo Paik Performs Beethoven with the New York…
(Atlanta a) Lyric coloratura soprano YOUNGOK SHIN CONCERT
(Atlanta) Sumi Jo's 30th Anniversary - La Primadonna fr…
(Atlanta) 신영옥과 함께하는 찬양 축제!!
(Atlanta) Sumi Jo's 30th Anniversary-la Prima Donna
(Atlanta) Sumi Jo's 30th Anniversary-la Prima Donna
2016 Korean Festival in Atlanta
(Hawaii) The Korean Festival
2016 Chicago Korean Festival in Chicago, IL
(NY)Rising Stars of KOREA GALA by K-Arts Ballet
2016 K-Pop World Festival Regional Preliminary in Atlanta
(LA) Taste of Korea K-Cusine Contest
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Ticket & Donation


Korean National Anthem at 2000 ASF XXIII Opening Ceremony

Korean Anthem - Korea Fantasy
by Eak-Tai Ahn 2

Min Pak & Peace and Harmony Orchestra (2015) Open Music Concert.

"Blue Heart and White Heart" and "Half Moon" by Atlanta Children’s Choir

Koreanfest Fine Music Festival

Koreanfest Dance Festival